Condominium & Cooperative Representation

Marc Bresky serves as general counsel to more than 100 cooperative and condominium buildings in New York City. He has been on the forefront of many of the legal issues confronting cooperatives and condominiums.  The Bresky Law Firm, PLLC. serves the needs of cooperative and condominiums by hiring the best attorneys for every issue where a building may require counsel. Besides our general corporate representation, Marc S. Bresky uses cost effective methods to:

  • Quickly collect outstanding common charges or rapidly effectuate transfer of ownership.
  • Customize, revise and upgrade outdated corporate documents which are likely inhibiting effective governance resident conduct.
  • Reduce common charges/maintenance while enhancing  building reserves.
  • Ensure that both the building and the board are adequately protected utilizing our knowledge of insurance related matters.
  • Review offering plans, create bylaws and house rules that anticipate and prevent problems as well as provide for a amicable and smooth process for governance.

These methods and others enable Marc Bresky to achieve record breaking savings and successes for cooperatives and condominiums.